Therapy Horse Retirement Center

It has come to my attention that many horses are providing (what is now many years of) rigorous service to our human brothers and sisters afflicted with such unfortunate diseases like PTSD, Down Syndrome & countless others. They work and do their jobs dutifully. As results and time has proved – they do it effectively.

But, their retirements, after putting in all these years of labor for us and our loved ones, isn’t cared about, seemingly by anyone. I’m finding, that they are sending these horses, these “commodities for therapy” straight back to the auctions – even glue factories (upon reaching a certain age) in what I see as an Orwellian, perhaps Shakespearean twist of reality for them.

1- My consultancy’s [Wiser Operations / WiserOps, Inc.]

2- My music’s [Nonshalant AKA Gillyroze]

3- My various start-ups’s [RetailStoreRatings, & others]

Funds and profits will now be directed towards this new initiative. 

Building them an Upstate New York based forever home.

Revenue from profits will be directed here, for effective strategies and potentially positive outcome manifestations.

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