Statement Of Intent Regarding Charitable Equine Initiative.

The Brooklyn Horse Rescue’s inception began with Anthony Danza (owner of the famous Jamaica Bay Riding Academy off the Belt Parkway) allowing inquisitive and kindhearted volunteers (often vet school or vet techs in training as I was) to come in and learn from the veterans who’ve been tending to, medicating and/or otherwise taking care of our equine buddies for years. I speak of the veterinarians and wranglers employed by the establishment.

When I began work at the Jamaica Bay Riding Academy I immediately felt like I was warped from out of Brooklyn into some picturesque dimension with lovely little ducklings scurrying about beneath the feet of our trotting horses, chasing after their mothers. I helped with the rides and all sure, but more interestingly the daily maintenance routine of horses was taught to me.

I came to learn many interesting things about them. For example, they can’t throw up. What goes in must come out the other end. Their feet require regular maintenance and so do their coats. They have extremely sensitive nervous systems and it’s most prudent to make some noise and alert them of your approach when/if you do.

It only seemed natural to come back now, a year and a half later, to reconnect with Anthony and our finger-for-carrot confusing friends to see what his input would be regarding my longstanding plan/dream to start a sanctuary by buying an old farm type place upstate which had already met the standards and is up to code with permits for animals, etc, so I wouldn’t have to endure the intrinsic bureaucracy that entails, whilst starting everything up.

Right then Anthony jumped in and exclaimed “I have 550 acres here! Let’s put up a new barn and…” Anthony went on to explain how we can make it happen with a 503b Corp, one of which he already has for a therapeutic equine experience charity program that goes down there on Thursdays, so he knows the details is what I’m saying. All the while I am in a shocked stupor thinking is this man saying the sanctuary can be here, in my hometown, right off the bay of Flatbush Ave???

He is

He was.

He did.

We’re going to rescue horses up in here, up to 10 initially until they get nursed back to health/proper weight etc, at which point they will be bought or adopted for a charitable donation. At some point in the coming months I may ask for monetary donations, so dig deep.

Gil Rozenblatt – Aka Gillyroze, over n out!

Let this serve as a Letter Of Intent Dated May 11, 2017, Between Gil Rozenblatt, of WiserOps, INC. & Anthony Danza of Jamaica Bay Riding Academy.